Rhode Rock

Rhode Rock Chicken
Pictured at day old and 16 week old point of lay pullet.

Piggott's Rhode Rock is a tough and reliable hybrid bred to lay a large number of high quality eggs.

  • A hybrid breed of various types of R.I.R. and Barred Rock
  • Feather colour: black with gold markings
  • Average body weight at 20 weeks: 1.600 kg
  • Average body weight at 72 weeks: 2.200 kg
  • Age at start of laying period: 21 weeks
  • Age at peak of laying period: 25 weeks
  • Extended laying period of 18 to 90 weeks
  • Peak of production: 94 %
  • Production at the age of 72 weeks: 306 eggs/bird
  • Monthly mortality: 0.3 to 0.5 %
  • Average feed consumption per day: 120 g
  • Average egg weight at 72 weeks: 65 g
  • Average egg weight at 80 weeks:66 g
  • Average egg weight at 90 weeks:67 g
  • Egg shell colour: brown
  • Egg shell strength: excellent

The information supplied is based on many actual flock results obtained under good management and environmental conditions.
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