About Us

Brian and Mary Piggott have nearly forty years' experience in the poultry industry. Starting as egg producers, they became distributors for Arbor Acres in the 1970s.

In 1997 Brian became the UK representative for Hendrix Poultry Breeders, obtaining trials for the Goldline into the major UK egg producers. He started a breeding flock of Bovans Nera in Eaton Bray and began trading together with Mary as Piggotts Poultry Breeders.

In 1999 Hendrix merged with Euribrid and the franchise for these birds went to Joice&Hill, although under agreement Piggotts continued to supply the black-feathered Nera, but from hatcheries first in the Netherlands and now in Belgium and France.

The growing UK market of domestic poultry keepers and small farmers requiring 'something different' allowed expansion into the range of poultry supplied today.

Supplying the UK and Ireland, Piggotts Poultry Breeders have a portfolio of layers, probably unmatched by any UK company, of top commercial layers of brown, white and tinted eggs. We also offer birds for subsistence, free range and organic farming including chickens that lay dark brown eggs. All this plus attractively coloured birds for domestic poultry keepers which still lay a good number of eggs.

We always strive to be helpful and give good efficient service, as well as providing top-quality healthy stock.

Brian and Mary at the Piggotts Poultry stand at the British Pig&Poultry Fair 2008Brian and Mary at the Piggotts Poultry Breeders stand at the British Pig & Poultry Fair 2008 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.