Piggott's BBF is given many names. Uniquely she is a special cross of Rhode Island Red and various Maran Coucou. (17 week old pullet pictured 2013).

  • A hybrid breed of various types of Rhode and Coucou
  • Feather colour: slate grey
  • Average body weight at 20 weeks: 1.900 kg
  • Average body weight at 72 weeks: 2.500 kg to 2.600 kg
  • Age at peak of laying period: 26 weeks
  • Hen housed performance at 72 weeks: up to 260 eggs
  • Peak of production: 90 % and more
  • Monthly mortality: 0.3 to 0.5 %
  • Average egg weight: 63 g
  • Egg shell colour: brown

Disclaimer: All specifications describing performances of the above birds represent performance objectives obtainable under good environmental and management conditions. They are not a warranty or guarantee of performance.